Air Handling Units

20,000 CFM Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Units

Toronto Western Hospital
Toronto, Ontario

Challenge / Solution

McGregor Allsop provided the mechanical, electrical and controls engineering design for the upgrade of two air handling units at the Toronto Western Hospital.

For this project the complete replacement of an existing 20,000 CFM air handling unit was designed including a conversion of the existing 15 zone air distribution to a variable air volume (VAV) system. The existing steam to hot water heat exchange station serving this air handling unit and various building loads was also redesigned for increased capacity as well as more modern controls which allow for energy savings. Designs for upgrades to a second air handling unit included a complete cooling coil replacement to eliminate moisture carryover issues as well as installation of bypass dampers and associated controls to eliminate space humidity concerns.

These designs were carried out to meet the complex nature of the system requirements including dimensional and transportation constraints, high variability in the system loading and a requirement for no significant system shutdown during the replacement of the air handling unit.

McGregor Allsop also provided project administration support throughout the construction phase of this project.

Owner:  University Health Network
Completion Date:  2014
Project Type:  Retrofit

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