Specialty Services

We offer a range of specialty services that compliment our core solutions, and enhance the success of our clients’ projects and businesses, today and tomorrow.

Green Buildings

We believe in the importance of protecting our environment and our world’s future. It’s why we embrace sustainability practices, and employ design standards such as ASHRAE, LEED and other innovative technologies to enhance tenant comfort and maximize environmental efficiency. Recently, our LEED accredited engineers successfully completed the design and LEED Gold CI Certification for a large retrofit building renovation at Ryerson University.

Air Leakage Testing

Testing Purpose
We conduct air leakage testing for clients with special requirements for rooms/buildings that may be used as a safe haven or to house critical instrumentation equipment.  In the event of an abnormal or emergency situation (i.e. steam break within a building or a toxic gas leak in a plant), these rooms/buildings must remain reasonably air tight to limit infiltration of the ambient air.  Air leakage testing is a method to determine the air tightness of a room or building by calculating the equivalent leakage area (ELA) according to an internationally recognized test method.

Testing Method and Reporting
The testing follows the guidelines of the CAN/CGSB-149.10-M86 standard to test, analyze and calculate the ELA.  Typical testing involves creating a negative pressure (depressurization) in the room then measuring the flow rate of air being exhausted to maintain the pressure differential under steady state conditions.  The ELA is then calculated using a reference temperatures and differential pressures of the space.  We provide client support in identifying leakage paths and interpreting the results of the testing.

Testing Equipment
The room is depressurized with a fan setup in a door frame assemble that seals the door.  The pressure differential and flow rates are measured with a micro manometer.


We provide a range of specialized HVAC services for the nuclear industry. Our skilled engineers are highly experienced in working with the stringent quality assurance systems in place at such facilities. We are also active in the development of new methods of testing for specific requirements related to a nuclear plant environment.

Legal Expert Witness

Based on our significant reputation and experience in retrofitting existing buildings, our leadership is often called in to act as an Expert Witness to provide forensic consultation, prepare reports or offering testimony in litigation cases related to mechanical and electrical engineering issues.

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“Clients trust us for our wide range of expertise and insights, which translates into exceptional peace of mind no matter the challenges they are facing.”

Andre Lebedev, P.Eng.
Director of Electrical Engineering
McGregor Allsop