Our People

McGregor Allsop’s team of senior consulting engineers and designers is often involved with a building for many years, so we plan for serviceability and long-term operational success. We care about our buildings, and our clients.

Bill Powell

President & CEO
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Peter J. LaForme

Executive Vice President
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Andre Lebedev

Director of Electrical Engineering
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Rob Niessl

Director of Engineering, Northern Region
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Robert Borovina

Director of Mechanical Engineering
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Bill Powell, M. Sc., P.Eng., President & CEO

“We look at a project from a long term perspective because we actually care about how things work long after we’ve completed our work. Our approach is to spend the time upfront to ensure the transition from the old to new is seamless and will be the most cost effective. We even go to the site after a job is completed and ensure it is exactly as we set out. We’re that committed to our work.”

Bill has led McGregor Allsop since 1994 with a passion to produce designs that are as elegant as they are functional.

Having achieved a Masters degree in mechanical engineering from one of the top aerospace universities in the world, Bill has a tremendous depth of knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, and is skilled at analyzing problems and providing unique insight into the most challenging projects.

Bill’s outstanding technical expertise also encompasses building automation and the systems that control a building’s HVAC and other components. Additionally, he is highly knowledgeable in system design and implementation and complex mechanical and electrical systems. His range of talents ensures our clients have every base covered when it comes to a successful retrofit. Notably, Bill’s experience in the field of engineering makes him one of Canada’s most sought after professionals by law firms looking for expert witnesses relating to insurance settlements.

Bill’s vision to do whatever it takes to ensure clients get the best system and design is a guiding force for the firm.


Cranfield Institute of Technology (UK) – M. Sc. Mechanical Engineering 1979
Ryerson University – Diploma Mechanical Engineering Technology 1977


Consulting Engineer, Professional Engineers Ontario
P.Eng., Professional Engineers Ontario
P.Eng., Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEG)
P.Eng., Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)
National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA)
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
Canadian Hospital Engineering Society (CHES)

Peter J. LaForme, Executive Vice President

“As a specialist in retrofit work, we stand out because we take the time to understand the needs of the owner, the operators and the tenants. During the design development process, I am deeply involved in how the project will be implemented, not after the design has been complete. I understand how to be able to do renovations and be invisible at the same time.”

Peter and the design team think through every aspect at the design development stage. A project is designed in meticulous detail so that it can be implemented in such a way that it has the minimum disruption to the client during the retrofit while also allowing bids to be reflective of the true cost of a project. Peter believes it is critical to do this level of work at the initial stage, not after it has been awarded to ensure a client truly knows where they stand.

Peter is a key facilitator in ensuring that projects run smoothly for our clients, a formidable skill he has honed over the years in previous roles at Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto Film Studios and the Toronto Congress Centre. Significantly, Peter was responsible for implementing a half-million square foot renovation during his time at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Peter enables a positive client experience by building on his breadth of expertise in such key areas as project management and implementation and building operation and maintenance. He provides expert review and development of service and maintenance contracts and seamless project commissioning services, and is skilled at CCDC (Canadian Construction Documents Committee) contract administration.

Peter’s wealth of experience and knowledge is instrumental in our team being able to deliver successful retrofits and happy clients.


American Hotel and Motel Educational Institute – Certified Engineering Operations Executive Certification 1996
Southern Alberta Institute Of Technology – Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Design, Honours Certification 1987Alberta Safety Services Boilers Branch – Building Operator “A” Certificate of Competency 1984 Southern Alberta Institute Of Technology – Fourth Class Stationary Engineer 1983


American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

Andre Lebedev, M. Sc., P.Eng., Director of Electrical Engineering

“As proven experts in electrical and power engineering of existing buildings, having a deep knowledge of the theoretical aspect of the design provides us the insights we need in the practical aspects of engineering, empowering us to study existing system, design new systems, and seamlessly integrate old and new systems. It’s a unique strength.”

Andre has an in-depth knowledge of both theoretical and practical electrical applications, and has been responsible for many successful retrofit projects, from small to mega with our clients. Andre and the team have an intimate understanding of how existing systems works, how to modify them and to allow new systems to be installed.

Andre is an important and integral member of our team, helping ensure that the electrical component to any project is meticulously well-designed while adhering to regulatory and client requirements.

Much of the retrofit work Andre specializes in is completed while the existing building is in operation. His capabilities assists our team in ensuring the highest level of technical excellence is achieved with the least amount of disturbance to occupants.  His previous experience at General Motors on projects relating to fire alarm construction, UPS replacement and plant power for assembly line construction gives him a keen sense of how to move forward on projects in an effective and timely manner.

His expertise is highly valued by our clients, and includes medium and low voltage sub-station design and construction, and medium and low voltage distribution system retrofit designs. He is also a skilled practitioner in electrical design for specialized industrial modular buildings, standby generator and automatic transfer switch replacement, and for providing Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) system replacement in existing server rooms and data centres. Andre is also highly experienced in such areas as fire alarm design and construction, Sub-Metering design and construction, as well as media and signage electrical design for large commercial facilities.

Andre is an invaluable resource who contributes greatly to the success of our retrofit projects.


Power University, Russia – Master of Science in Electrical Engineering 1980
Polytechnic University, Russia – Certificate of Achievements in Business Administration 1993


P.Eng., Professional Engineers Ontario

Rob Niessl, P.Eng., Director of Engineering, Northern Region

“The experience we have is extremely useful to clients as we can anticipate the pitfalls and problems that go along with retrofit work. We also help identify issues to consider in the planning stages, such as how to work through all the logistics, how to connect temporary power to the system and how to reduce inconvenience to tenants – that’s what we bring to the table.”

Rob has a strong practical experience background and along with the entire team, stays current with today’s latest technologies to come up with the best solutions.

Rob is highly knowledgeable in the specific requirements the nuclear industry has with documentation, which is more stringent than a normal commercial project.  With his expertise in this area, he successfully developed and implemented a complete air tightness testing and verification procedure for Bruce Power in Tiverton, Ontario.  Rob dedicates a considerable amount of his time working with this industry in such areas as mechanical system design, inspection, commissioning and troubleshooting for a wide variety of ancillary systems that tie into their plants. These systems include chilled water cooling, ductwork, boiler heating pumping and control and data centre cooling.

Rob’s depth of experience and specialized knowledge helps our team deliver the confidence and peace of mind our clients demand.


University of Western Ontario – B.Eng.Sc. Mechanical Engineering 1990


P.Eng., Professional Engineers Ontario
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

Robert Borovina, P.Eng., Director of Mechanical Engineering

“We have seen cases where engineers will simply take the most recent drawings and base their design on that. Our approach with every retrofit project is to first understand the engineering history of the building. We spend a great deal of time investigating the ins and outs of the building systems, and do our due diligence. It’s what gives us the confidence and skillset to deliver a successful project on time and in budget.”

Robert is responsible for ensuring all the work related to mechanical engineering is done on time, scheduled to the right people, and that all our commitments are kept as promised. Robert believes that the added value he brings to our clients is his over 30 years of experience in the field of building systems, which helps us develop highly accurate proposals.

Robert is one of our key go to experts for all things relating to HVAC. He is highly experienced in the design and production of custom HVAC equipment, as well as the design and construction of specialty and high performance HVAC equipment for buildings and large scale data centres. Robert’s expertise has been instrumental in designing building mechanical systems for telecommunications giant, Bell Canada.  His skill-set also extends to the design and implementation of large scale integrated building automation systems (BAS). Robert’s expertise also ensures we are able to be proactive in assessing any potential challenges in design and construction of mechanical systems that may come up.

Robert is committed to ensuring we deliver the most efficient and reliable mechanical systems to our clients.


University of Split, Croatia – B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering 1982


P.Eng., Professional Engineers Ontario