About Us

Having the technical expertise and insight to conduct retrofit projects in established buildings without affecting the day-to-day business of occupants is our specialty. It’s what sets us apart.

The truth is, existing buildings are far more complex and challenging than new construction, and require a unique game plan every time.

It’s why the process for delivering mechanical and electrical engineering solutions requires more than a cookie cutter approach – it demands that you have a deep insight into the building and how new systems can be integrated into existing systems seamlessly.

Each project we undertake begins with meticulous planning. This includes in-depth site visits and a review of original building drawings to understand the original intent of the systems, and the development of truly accurate technical documentation.

Our History

McGregor Allsop has deep roots in Canada and has endured many changes that have occurred in the province of Ontario over the last 75 years. Originally, the company was created with the amalgamation of R. P. Allsop Limited (established 1939), and D. E. McGregor and Associates Limited (established in 1951). In 1982, the company changed its name to McGregor Allsop and continued to provide top notch engineering services to the public.

Following its inception, McGregor Allsop focused on providing expert engineering services for new construction projects. Our services spanned across the province and included some of Ontario’s most notable hospitals such as North York General and Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston.

In 1994, the company was purchased by Bill Powell, M. Sc., P.Eng. who has since been leading the company to successful projects and satisfied clients year-after-year. McGregor Allsop has transitioned from providing engineering services for new construction projects and now focuses primarily on the challenging area of retrofit design. To meet the ever changing needs of our clients, we have expanded our expert services to include building automation systems, 3D laser scanning and air tightness testing.

We are a proudly Canadian company that believes in the value of being owned and operated by our principal engineers. It allows us to provide a more personalized service and to always be able to offer our clients the expertise of seasoned professionals.

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“Importantly, we are passionate about delivering trusted building intelligence and the relationships that we build. For us, each project is personal.”

Bill Powell, M. Sc., P.Eng.
President & CEO
McGregor Allsop